The Figurehead

djPage dedicated to statues and busts from Robert Smith of The Cure. As a really big fan from The Cure since 1985 and as a thanks to Robert i decided to start producing a Bust from Robert (still in progress). i also started to produce some statue of robert in a 1/4 size. I have tried to get in contact with Robert for some kind of permission, but as all of you know, that's really difficult to get in contact with him. but i don''t give up

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Lifemasks, Status, Studio Models and Movieprops

Coming Soon :

Robert Smith of The Cure 1:4 Full Statue Casting in white Resin. as you can see he will be taller then 16 inch or 42 cm...
This is the first statue of Robert, which is going to be from his "Head on the Door" time,
as in the videos "In between Days" and "A Night like This".

Statue will be sculpted by the amazing talented Joe Bailey.

A few first pics of the pose with the basic face. The arms are very rough and are there just to show the position.

Price : TBA Availiable : Fall/Winter 2016